OCPTY Spring Strut Assembly, Complete Struts Shocks Fits 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Honda Accord 172562R 172562L 172563 Replace Strut

Compatible models:2008-2012 Honda Accord EX Coupe 2-Door2008-2012 Honda Accord EX Sedan 4-Door2008 Honda Accord LX Coupe 2-Door2008-2012 Honda Accord LX Sedan 4-Door2011-2012 Honda Accord SE Sedan 4-Door2008-2012 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe 2-Door2008-2012 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan 4-Door2012 Honda Accord HFP Coupe 2-Door2012 Honda Accord HFP Sedan 4-Door2008-2012 Honda Accord LX-P Sedan 4-Door2008-2012 Honda Accord LX-S

Compatible models:
2008-2012 Honda Accord EX Coupe 2-Door
2008-2012 Honda Accord EX Sedan 4-Door
2008 Honda Accord LX Coupe 2-Door
2008-2012 Honda Accord LX Sedan 4-Door
2011-2012 Honda Accord SE Sedan 4-Door
2008-2012 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe 2-Door
2008-2012 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan 4-Door
2012 Honda Accord HFP Coupe 2-Door
2012 Honda Accord HFP Sedan 4-Door
2008-2012 Honda Accord LX-P Sedan 4-Door
2008-2012 Honda Accord LX-S Coupe 2-Door

Installation Suggestion:
Step 1: Jack up the car and put it on stands. If you need to remove wheels, then loosen the lugs prior to lifting the car off the ground
Step2: Remove the wheel and any other parts that keep you from reaching the strut. Front struts are usually mounted to a control arm or steering knuckle on the bottom, and a shock tower or strut mount at the top. Rear struts are typically the same but may vary slightly as they are mounted to the chassis. Pay attention to the axle, knuckle, and wheel hub at this time, and support them with a wooden block or brick
Step3: install your new strut the same way it was removed If you are removing a strut and coil spring assembly, then you would ideally be installing a complete assembly

Package Content:
4 Complete Struts (Front and Rear Left Right)

Product Features

  • APPLICABLE VEHICLES: New complete struts for 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Honda Accord
  • SPECIFICATION: To ensure a perfect fit and great function, our struts are built to the same specifications as the OEM parts. High-Quality strut with the best performance and the most reasonable price
  • PERFORMANCE: The strut supports the weight of the vehicle while also providing dampening over bumps. The strut also serves as a pivot point for the steering knuckle, which attaches to the wheel and tire assembly.Bounce in ride and the imperfections in the road will not trouble you after replacing new struts
  • COMPREHENSIVE TESTING: Every strut has been tested for the strength, toughness, and anti-corrosion to guarantee superior performance. And all critical components of the strut are triple-tested to make sure reliability
  • ATTENTION: Please check if the struts are suitable for your model before purchase. PLEASE VERIFY FITMENT OR APPLICATION